Intern Spotlight: McCambridge Dowd-Whipple

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McCambridge Dowd-Whipple is a 2012/2013 Ensemble Intern.  Look for her in  A Christmas Carol,  As You Like It, Flood Stories, Too., TIC Tour 2013 Patchworks, and the 2013 Intern Project.

BTE bio time? Alright, a history of Mac:

A typical night at home.

Unlike many of BTE’s interns, I don’t hail from strange and distant lands. I was born and bred in Bloomsburg, twice baptized by the sewage-ridden flood waters of the Susquehanna, and here I remained throughout my childhood. We moved once, about 5 blocks east, and it was traumatizing.

I have an amazing family. Most aspiring young actors have to fight the good fight to convince their parents that getting a B.A. in theatre isn’t a slow death sentence of sorts, but mine have not only been endlessly supportive of my questionable life choices (this silly dance back and forth between Chicago and Bloomsburg being one of them), they have also served as shining examples of the kind of thinker, learner, and artist I want to be, and have reached out to incorporate me and my brother in their art-making. I acted in plays at BTE as a child and toured with my dad in a Bunraku-inspired puppet version of Peter Pan, where I learned that tickling is an undervalued battle tactic, and the importance of a well-placed raspberry. My younger brother, Walker, who went to college this year just to avoid having to live with me again, and I have more in common with each other than I will ever privately or publicly admit in person, and I fear that if both of us aren’t careful, we may end up being really good friends. Other character-building, spirit-strengthening, life-enriching, just all-around-good things that happened to me were Greenwood Friends School and the Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Arts. Do you have kids? Send them to Greenwood. They will not only learn to sing Boom De Yada, they will learn to be good people and good, self-driven learners and thinkers.


Me in my first college show, Marat/Sade.

I traveled north to the Hudson Valley to attend Bard College, which is a strange hybrid of Williamsburg and Eden. I entered hoping to be swept away by some obscure and thrilling subject as yet a secret even to me! It didn’t happen. Instead I rode the theatre train into the strange and compelling world of experimental theatre, from which my love of the musical and the bedroom farce are still recovering. (What is postdramatic theatre and do I even want it?!).

I studied with some amazing professors, my mind was blown without the aid of mind-altering drugs, I began to find cat sweaters attractive; in short, college was great. I emerged with few facts, some not terribly marketable skills, a theatre degree, a fierce love for the Hudson River, and a burgeoning interest in physical theatre. Also, my junior year I studied abroad in London at the British American Dramatic Academy because I thought maybe I should learn to act or something.

My lovely housemates y yo.

Since graduating I’ve been living in Chicago, where I moved to live and work with friends that I met while abroad. It also seemed like the logical next step in my pursuit of ever-bigger bodies of water. I could not ask for cooler cats to live with, a better city to explore, or a better lake to live by. I’m grateful for the year I’ve had here, during which time I explored both the disheartening and thrilling aspects of post-college theatre. Money is real and it changes things! It’s cool when you have it, but mainly you don’t. Now I’m excited and grateful to be back at BTE where business is secondary to art-making, and where silliness and wisdom go hand-in-hand. I got a lot of learning to do, and I’m ready to begin.




Me in Redmoon Theatre’s Dis/Replacement.

  1. Loved your bio, MaCambridge! Very entertaining reading. May you have lots of success in theatre.

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